10 Tips on How To Seduce a Women
Here are ten hot tips on seducing women.

Tip 1: Remember your attitude is ten times more important than your looks or income (although there is no doubt that a healthy bank balance helps to lure most women!) Tell yourself, there is no woman so beautiful that I can't make her mine.

Tip 2: The first step in attracting a woman is getting her attention. You need to be unique and different. Never use a standard, cheeky or expected chat up line.

Tip 3: You can make more friends in a few minutes by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in a whole year of trying to make other people become interested in you!

Tip 4: Enthusiasm is the cheapest and most beneficial cosmetic in the world. Girls listen far more to the music than the words, so what you say isn't as important as how you say it.

Tip 5: You must build rapport. Subtly copy her breathing, mannerisms and body language (believe us this works!) She will unconsciously feel connected to you.

Tip 6: When you get a girls phone number, always wait at least 2-3 days before calling her. Ringing her the next day can make you sound either desperate or sex starved!

Tip 7: Practice smiling! Your smile is one of the most important tools you have for making a woman feel comfortable.

Tip 8: When on a date, never be tempted to strongly disagree or argue. Avoid subjects like politics, religion, all ex-girlfriends and any controversial topics. Never tell her your problems on a first or second date.

Tip 9: Women find confidence sexy! Your posture and movement are the strongest indications of confidence that a woman can pick up. Be positive. Believe and visualize the outcome you want.

Tip 10: Kissing is an art form and good kissing can get a woman into bed much faster than many other skills.

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