The importance of Patience

You know how it is when you meet a new man. The two of you exchange numbers, and he says "I'll call you." You go home, call all of your friends to tell them about him, and sit on top of the phone waiting for his call.


Within a few hours, guess what? He calls. The two of you spend some time talking about getting to know each other. "He's nice," you think to yourself. The conversation comes to an end, and he says "I will call you later."


Later when? Later tonight? Later this week? Later this month? Later this lifetime? You go on about your business, casually glancing at the phone from time to time. As you get ready for bed, you realize that he's not going to call later tonight. Damn.


As a new day dawns, you get ready for work, but not before perusing the caller I.D. box. He might have called while you were in a deep sleep. He didn't, but hey, it didn't hurt to check. Fast forward two days and you're a pathetic, psychotic, wreck. "The conversation went well, didn't it? Well, if it did, why in the hell hasn't he called yet?!" Calm down, girl. While you're all worried whether he's going to call or not, the man is home watching the game. He has every intention of calling you, he just hasn't gotten around to it yet.


You pace the floor, pondering if you should call him. After all, he did give you his number as well. You pick up the phone, dial a few digits, then hang up. You call your best friend instead. After talking a hole in her head, you hang up and try to watch some TV. You find yourself looking at the phone every minute or so, but who's counting?


It's time for a commercial break, and you trudge to the kitchen to get a little snack. While your head is buried deep inside the ''fridge, you hear the phone ringing. As you run down the hall, leap over the couch, slide into the table, and glare at the caller ID ... it's him.


Patience. It really is a virtue. Enjoy your conversation.

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