Uncomfortable Silence

We have all been in the situation where we are with people all is going well and then for whatever reason the conversation dies.

How do we minimize this and move forward?

Well.. Here are four steps to success! 

Firstly DON''T PANIC. It is normal for conversations to ebb and flow. Allowing space to listen to the other person and for them to feel comfortable is important. If you look at your parents/grand parent you will notice that they spend a lot of time not talking but just being together (IT'S IMPORTANT).

Secondly BE CONFIDENT that person is there with you because they want to learn more about you. They will be nervous as well. Ask them a question about themselves find out about their childhood, their hopes/dreams. AVOID talking about your or their dislikes this can only put a negative spin on the date.

Thirdly LOCATION. Minimize those uncomfortable moments by meeting somewhere fun, try the zoo, an art gallery, a fun fair, or any place of interest. This will automatically give you something to talk about. AVOID dinner for 2 at a posh restaurant, this will put you both under pressure and any pause will seem much longer when there is only the 2 of you and an acre of white table cloth. It's difficult to talk while eating.

Fourthly TIMING. Meet earlier in the day, try to meet before lunch do something together then have a casual lunch. If all is going well you can continue the date in the afternoon so be prepared to suggest something.

Good Luck !!


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