Dating Etiquette
No matter what, good manners will never go out of style. So read, remember and use these dating guidelines.
Be your best self

Be your sweetest self. Be who you really are, but avoid discussing all your problems and insecurities. Be positive.

Ask questions and listen

Be conscious of how much you are talking about yourself, and how much you are learning about the other person. Don't just ask for the sake of asking, take the time to really listen and get to know the person you are with.

Lighten up

Relax and try to have fun, regardless of whether you'd like to see the person again. Try not to over-analyze.

Be honest

If you'd like to see him or her again, tell him so. If not, tell them you had a great time and wish them all the best, in the nicest way. If you're interested, call. Don't leave them hanging or play games.

Offer to pay

Typically, the inviter pays. However, the invitee might offer to pitch in.

Respect boundaries

Be respectful of boundaries. If she needs to be home by a certain time, is uncomfortable in a certain environment or doesn't want to kiss, don't push it.

Keep it quiet

Don't gossip, brag or complain about your date. Respect continues long after you have said good-night.

Date safe

Meet in a public place. Go out in groups. Inquire (subtly) about this person and get to know his friends. Avoid giving out too much personal information when you first meet. Do not compromise your safety for feelings of passion or sentiment.

Say thank you

Remember your good table manners, say please and thank-you and avoid swearing. Thank them for the date, no matter what. If you like them, call them to tell them you had a good time.


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