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The FriendFinder website is one of the largest and most entertaining of all dating sites.  Their current membership base includes over three million singles and you can almost always find at least three thousand members online at any one time.   So what does that mean to you?  It means there are thousands of people just like you that are searching to meet and socialize with others at any given time.  It is nice to know that when it is convenient for you, there will always be someone online if you want to chat or just listen in on some interesting conversations.  Friendfinder is really an online relationship community.  It is so much more that just a singles site.  Yes, most people do use the site specifically to try and find a date or a soul mate, but I want you to understand that it can offer you much more. You can easily find pen pals or activity partners.  Many successful people have very busy lives, but don't want to live the single life so they use FriendFinder's online community as a convenient tool to meet new friends and improve their relationship skills.  You can too, because the best part of using FriendFinder is that it can be totally free. 

As you know, just about every dating site offers a free service to members.  However, the free membership at FriendFinder is a little different.  First, the free membership is not a typical 30 day trail, it is a lifetime membership.  That’s right; the standard membership is free for life.  So what can you do with a standard membership?  You get complete access to their online chat rooms.  The FriendFinder network of chat rooms is one of the largest on the internet.  They have regional chat rooms and specific rooms for whatever mood you happen to be in.  For example, one room is called “The Sauna” and it is for women only, while another is called the “Hot Tub” where it can obviously get a little hot on the subject matter.   If you find an interested partner you can even go into a private chat room.  You can actively participate in their online magazine or with instant messaging.  This relationship magazine is created by people like yourself and other members who can post their own topics or something of personal interest like a poem.  FriendFinder allows members to create valuable content for each other.   You can even offer advice to other singles by answering questions that are posted.  It is a truly interactive magazine.  Access is still free and even allows you to send an e-greeting from 

FriendFinder is so serious about your success that they teamed up with a group of experts to create a relationship workshop.  In this workshop they offer tools proven to be successful at helping singles connect.  It is a great place to learn how to navigate in the online dating world with confidence and to fine tune your dating and relationship skills.  For example, you will find tips on how to become an expert flirt or ways to improve your self-esteem.  FriendFinder members are able to use a sophisticated software search designed to search for your ideal match according to your high standards.  

It's so easy to sign up! Unlike other sites, the sign-up process takes only a few minutes and all of your personal information is completely confidential.  You can start to browse photos and read profiles in a matter of minutes.  Feel the excitement of dating success by having new emails waiting for you.  Nothing beats an inbox full of emails from attractive singles that are hoping to get to know you.  It is a guaranteed way to make you feel desirable and wanted.   Make other singles want to contact you by learning the secrets to successful online dating in the articles and advice offered throughout the site.  You owe it to yourself to make a change right now by taking the free tour and find out how fun and easy it can be to start meeting singles at

Something different is going on at eHarmony.  Have you ever heard of Scientific Compatibility Matchmaking?   This is a concept created and used at eHarmony by founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren.  Dr. Warren is a clinical psychologist that has been practicing for over 30 years.  Many years ago he developed a passion to try and help people find a compatible partner.  It is worth noting how this passion was created.  It comes from seeing the pain and heartbreak of divorce from his experience as a counselor.   He has personally seen what divorce does to families and children by being involved in the divorce process.  As a result, Dr. Warren made a personal commitment to help people to avoid divorce.  He discovered that many divorces could have been avoided or should have been avoided because the couple was not compatible to begin with.  

Dr. Warren then started profiling successful couples to find common traits that made their marriages work.  After years of research he was able to develop a principle of 29 dimensions that identify compatibility.  This is the backbone of eHarmony and it is used to help create each individuals profile.  By matching up these 29 dimensions and introducing singles that are compatible, these people can meet with the comfort of knowing they have a foundation that can lead to a lasting relationship.  The process of matching singles based on compatibility certainly works and has resulted in the marriages of many eHarmony members. 

However, there are a few drawbacks that are worth noting. This is a premium service, so it is a little more expensive than other sites.  As a result, it is viewed as a more exclusive dating site.  Like many clubs or memberships that are exclusive, many members like anonymity.  This means that some members prefer not to post their photos.  As a result, you will be matched with some people that you would never have picked on your own.  This is especially true with relation to age and or physical attraction.  Think of it almost as a computer matching you on personality, beliefs and interests.  There is no way a computer could pick someone you think is attractive.  That is a personal preference.  So please remember that eHarmony is only introducing you to someone that you have a match with based on your personality and beliefs.  To effectively use the service, it would be wise to proceed on some dates even though you may not feel you click with your match.  For many, this is a difficult task because it is easy to be conditioned to seek physical attraction first.  But, it is a great feeling to know that when you do click, you will be starting off with a solid foundation of beliefs and common interest.  

We suggest you browse the website and answer all of their questions in order to build an online profile.   This step is helpful because you will learn about yourself and what you are looking for in the process.  Your profile is then available for active members while you evaluate the free trail period.  It is primarily for these reasons that we recommend eHarmony as a dating site that is worth a try.

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